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Feeling Thorough

I love how I feel after swimming. I feel for the moment that I’m no longer catching up, that inner time and outer time are moving at the same speed and my breath is what connects them. The way I describe this sensation is to say I feel thorough. The word thorough means complete in [Read More…]


When it is we who do the stepping, it is hard to see the steps. But look where you are. Years ago, the one you’ve carried since birth was waiting inside for you. I remember the day you lifted your face from its stream. This very day you are bringing what you carried through the [Read More…]

An interview with Michele McHall

Michele was interviewed by relationship activist, expert, and coach Maryanne Comaroto, on Tuesday, July 12th. Visit and click on Listen Live in the Radio Shows section on the left-hand side to listen to the recording. The show will encore on Tuesday, July 19th, at 10 pm PST, and will be archived under Michele McHall [Read More…]

Not Getting What We Want

We are taught early on that to have an ambition and to work toward it is industrious and admirable; that this is how we contribute to the world and move ahead. In and of itself, this is true. To build toward something is a healthy way to channel our need to be creative and to [Read More…]

Regarding Peace

It was pressing like a weight on my mind and I sought his advice. He appeared as he does in dream. I said, “It has all concentrated in a mass of worry I can’t extinguish.” He seemed impatient with me and chided, “Drown it out—” I was offended, felt discounted. He placed his knowing like [Read More…]