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In a world where things are constantly falling apart or breaking apart, health often resides in the art of putting things together. Both are happening at the same time constantly, though we understandably focus on what falls apart first, as it makes more noise and is often accompanied by pain. This video clip from an [Read More…]

Rethinking Time

Read Mark’s weekly reflections on The Huffington Post. Everyone in life must face and move through time. Feeling how precious life is, we tend to squeeze as much as we can out of the moment. Often, this only makes us more anxious and moves us further from life. This poem came from my own efforts [Read More…]

Flight Status

Find these entries weekly on Huffington Post’s GPS for the Soul. I travel fairly often and find myself reflecting on different aspects of life against the backdrop of airports, taxis, and baggage carousels. This poem came while traveling to Chicago. I wrote it for a friend who was in the middle of a life crisis. [Read More…]

Quieting the Thieves

Mark’s weekly reflections are now also running on The Huffington Post. We all struggle with making lists and being plagued by them, with getting somewhere and being here, with doing and being. It’s like rowing in a lake, all that effort to simply glide in the quiet. And after a while, we need to row [Read More…]

Years from It All

I think we loved so blindly, every one of us meaning to explore the other’s face but knocking over everything in the way. Now each of us, building dark images of what we think happened. I heard a song today that played when we were young. It made me ache to have you all near [Read More…]