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Without Knowing

______________ Our first encounters with love shape us and have a lasting impact on how we meet the world. Triggered by a young couple in a café, this poem helped me look back and understand the gift we give each other as we’re just beginning to form both inwardly and outwardly.   Without Knowing Lifting [Read More…]

Turn Around

______________ It was in a dream in my sixtieth year that I realized that for all my efforts to protect my inwardness from a brutal world, my inwardness is the source of my strength and resilience. Turn Around I’ve spent too much time protecting my spirit from the world, close but with my back to [Read More…]

In the Interior

______________ This poem speaks to a lifelong journey with my oldest friend Robert. We have known each other for close to thirty years.   In the Interior When you let me in your life, all the way in, we took this walk that turned into a hike that I didn’t know we were on, until [Read More…]