Archives for December 2014

Compose Yourself

______________ Inherent in the nature of living is being disturbed and being settled and how we’re rearranged by life in between these states. And so, we’re asked to compose ourselves again and again.   Compose Yourself Another practice we’re led to is the effort to compose our selves. When agitated, through pain or fear or [Read More…]

Admitting Who We Are

______________ So much of our aliveness depends on how open we can remain. This piece looks at how we can let in what matters.   Admitting Who We Are So how do we participate in the daily experiment of inhabiting Heaven on Earth? Time and again, we are invited to practice admitting who we are, [Read More…]

Beyond Measure

______________   Life waits irrepressibly under all the clouds that come and go. This happens within us as well as in the world. This poem speaks to our need to be where we are.   Beyond Measure Having burned dreams to keep warm, I think of dreams as kindling now. Having carried loved ones as [Read More…]

On Retreat

______________ It’s humbling how fear can rearrange our eyes. This piece describes a personal example of this.   On Retreat Walking from my cabin through the frosted grass, it’s very quiet. The meetinghouse is on the hill. From the field below, I see a dog on the steps. I don’t have my glasses. It looks [Read More…]