Archives for February 2015

Being a Teacher

______________ I am a life-long teacher, which means I am a life-long student. I come from a lineage of teachers. And so, I offer this small poem about this noble calling. BEING A TEACHER Like the moon standing full reflecting as much of the Source as it can so those unaccustomed to the dark can [Read More…]

From Here to Here

______________ I’m blessed to be part of a mens group that has been meeting for eight years. We’ve become very close. One of us, Don, describes our closeness this way, “I am living in a trust that now deeply shapes my life.” Once a year, we have a retreat together. After this year’s retreat, I [Read More…]

After Mira

______________ It’s been a year since we lost our beloved dog-child Mira. During this time, we have learned even more about the nature of grief and loss, and how no one is exempt from these tender journeys. This poem speaks to what I’ve learned. AFTER MIRA One day, we think we dare to love but [Read More…]

Nothing Is Separate

______________ The great philosopher Abraham Heschel speaks of his fear that we will lose our sense of the Whole. I think this is inevitable, though just as inevitable that will find the Whole again. This poem explores this feeling. NOTHING IS SEPARATE All things are true. The wind through the Spanish Moss tells me that [Read More…]