Archives for May 2015

Relic from the Future

______________ The questions we ask of life and ourselves are archetypal, regardless of the gadgets we invent.   RELIC FROM THE FUTURE Questions found on an antique cell phone discovered in 2086 in the ruins of an airport when people traveled by plane: What if I let love in all the way? Why am I [Read More…]

Waiting to Be Picked Up

______________ I was ready to fly home after teaching in Albuquerque, when the sudden light on the underside of a palm trip took me to another time.   WAITING TO BE PICKED UP A burst of light makes me look across the way, where a sliver of dawn slips under the leaf of a palm [Read More…]

News of the Universe

______________ We live in a global culture addicted to the noise of how things fall apart. Yet all the while, things are quietly coming together as well. It’s not about good news or bad news, but having access to whole news. This poem explores what’s below the noise. NEWS OF THE UNIVERSE The thousand alarms [Read More…]