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Another Day

______________   We fall in and out of the deepest understandings out in the world while getting groceries and pumping gas. ANOTHER DAY I was in the market recently, when I closed my eyes until the cup without thought at the base of all I know began to collect the tenderness of those who’ve gone [Read More…]

The History of My Heart

______________ During my cancer journey, I was able to see my heart on a screen during a test in which I was injected with radioactive dye, so they could trace the first pass of blood through the first chamber of my heart. It was an experience that changed my understanding of heart. THE HISTORY OF [Read More…]

Sizing His Dream

______________ After my father died, I leafed through his notebooks as a schoolboy as he was learning his trade. This poem comes from feeling him as a young learner. SIZING HIS DREAM (FOR MY BROTHER) Near the end, our father gave me these notebooks written in his hand when he was sixteen, trying to under- [Read More…]

The Rough Beauty

______________ Those who put down what is false, no matter how dear, are my heroes. THE ROUGH BEAUTY We think what’s familiar is normal, but whether you’re born under a rock or on a cliff six inches from heaven, nothing matters but the effort to shed the mud or glare of whatever covers you, so [Read More…]

Disrobing in Time

______________   It’s humbling how often we try to run from where we land, almost always missing the power inherent in the truth of things as they are.   Disrobing in Time   Nothing is easy, but to tell the truth. The truth of what I see and feel. This somehow cleanses my eye and [Read More…]