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What Matters Is Unsayable

______________ The challenge of poetry is that the only things worth saying are those things that are unsayable. The joy of such work is that whatever we come up with is more than enough.   WHAT MATTERS IS UNSAYABLE As a boy, my father introduced me to the sea. Something in it was his home. [Read More…]

Honoring Your Friend

______________   If we would only honor our soul with the same commitment we honor dear friends. HONORING YOUR FRIEND Each of us has a particular piece of wisdom, which we might describe as truth made possible by love. Each of us with a bit of eternity that if not brought forward will be lost; [Read More…]

When Young I Dove

______________   When young, we want to dive into everything. But as we age, we surrender more than dive, and so feel the magic of the wind along the way.   When Young I Dove When young I dove to the bottom of the sea. Now I know there is no bottom. Time after time, [Read More…]

Catching the Light

______________   All the valuable things we can learn from books point to the force of life that can’t be contained in a book. This poem explores this paradox. CATCHING THE LIGHT Forget the books and the dogma. Faith is a chance that appears when on the run. When lost in the tangled wood, there’s [Read More…]