Beneath All Trouble, Oneness

Beneath All Trouble, Oneness November 27, 2017

When I saw the wheelchair man

with spindly limbs twist his neck to the sun,

I wanted to take the newborn from the blanket

and put her in his hands.


And when the blind woman knelt at the stoplight

to hug her dog, I wanted to embrace everyone

who ever showed me an inch of truth.


There is less and less between heart and world.

In the morning, I am sure

this is a deep blessing.

By night, it seems a curse.


In time, our pains in being here

crack open into a soft wonder

that no one owns.


I notice everything now, and more,

I am everything I notice.


Like one who suddenly sees while staring,

I now know love, though I have been loving.


To watch the sun rim your face,

your head in my lap, while small birds sing—

I could have died there on that bench,

but want so much to live.


Can it be—

as blood needs veins to do its work,

love needs us?


A Question to Walk With: Describe one way in which you are more sensitive than you were a year ago.


This excerpt is from my book, The Way Under The Way: The Place of True Meeting, 2016 Nautilus Award Winner.

*photo credit: Josh Willink


Mark is teaching at the Garrison Institute, near the Hudson Valley for a 3-day retreat Dec 1-3. Garrison is located in a former Capuchin monastery overlooking the Hudson River. Friday he’ll lead an evening reading and conversation exploring The Way Under the Way on Friday, followed by a weekend workshop to explore The One Life We’re Given. Click here for more information about his events!

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