Listen to Mark in conversation with Jennifer Louden of Teach Now. This is yet another wonderful interview, complete with Mark’s deep authenticity and profound insights. Click here to hear the interview. Read more

Nothing stands still. Not us or the Universe we wake in. Everything is shifting—breaking through, growing, blossoming, shedding, turning to mulch, and breaking through again. Our biology teachers were all misled. We can’t know the life of a frog by pinning it to a board. Anymore than we can know the life of a person by naming their psychology. We need to look for other models. Consider how birds sing at the sign of first light. By itself this is… Read more

Why do I keep putting everything away? I need to be distracted by what matters, to leave the Seferis poems open to the one about the old man and the river, to put my unfinished woodblock of the heron lifting before the waterfall on my desk, shavings and all, where I can chisel and stroke once or twice as I pass by, to set the journal I travel with by my bed, open to the secret I still haven’t figured… Read more

It is the attainment of harmony that is called heaven, and the lack of it that is termed hell… The harmony of life can be learned in the same way as the harmony of music… As with everything else in a person’s life, there comes a change in voice with every step forward in spiritual evolution. (And so) every experience in life is an initiation… Any pain or suffering is a preparation, and just as one must first tune a… Read more

The sun doesn’t stop shining because some are blind. And birds don’t stop singing because some are deaf. And the heart doesn’t stop loving because some are afraid. So what are the things you need to express to continue being who you are; the things that have nothing to do with being seen or heard? What lets the flower in the forest blossom though no one is watching? What keeps you being you? Read more

Oprah writes about Mark Nepo in her “What I Know for Sure” column in the most recent issue of the O, The Oprah Magazine (November 2010). Pick one up today! “As part of my morning ritual of mediation and prayer, I read Mark Nepo’s Book of Awakening: Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have. Today’s lesson, as is often the case, was so spot-on that I have to share it. Nepo speaks of ‘my struggles as… Read more

We come through one gasping for air and leave by another gasping for air. Most of our time on earth is spent crossing them. After fifty-eight years I think they may be my home. On this trip, I walk from night into day, from home into car from car into plane, from plane into the old world. In Prague there are nets over the heads of statues. No one knows why. Perhaps to keep them from coming alive. Perhaps tearing… Read more

any of you. Not the long friendship we somehow broke into pieces so sharp we couldn’t hold. Or the love we tried so hard to mend though it splintered like a fence we didn’t post. I’m still not sure what we were keeping in or out. I have not forgotten the tender place in which we met, where everyone gets to put down the lies they’ve been told are true. I don’t know where you are these days but I… Read more

I have come to tell you that your teacher is gone. Much too soon. He was a good man with a good heart and he was my friend. Every- thing else grows like a branch from this strong wood. He was a great teacher because he loved you. Because he believed you are young horses who not only can cross the stream but drink from it. He would hold up a question like a lantern, swing it ahead and shout,… Read more

The giver is used up in the giving as rain evaporates in what it helps to grow. It is human to fear this, but we can no more resist it than the pit can resist becoming fruit. When you listen, I release my song of silence. When I see you, you release your light waiting in the dark. When you help me up, you absorb part of my fall. But somehow it doesn’t make you fall. This is the inoculation… Read more

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