Hurrah for sis-sis!

I don’t subscribe to the Victoria Times-Colonist, so I am not absolutely 100% sure that this is the right article to link to, but my sister, who studies music at the University of Victoria, tells me one of her performances has just been reviewed in a newspaper for the first time ever. The pertinent paragraph, from a review of a concert last Friday night, runs like so:

Two pieces by John Cage — Bacchanale for prepared piano and Ophelia for unprepared (if that is the word) piano — were both played with considerable rhythmic vitality and élan by Michelle Chattaway. Just as the former was ending, a cellphone rang in the audience. Cage would have approved.

Deanna and I happened to sit in on one of Michelle’s practice sessions on the last day of our honeymoon, so it’s pretty cool to think we saw history in the making there!

JUL 23 UPDATE: You can now download mp3s of my sister’s performances here.

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  • Trent

    She’s playing John Cage? And with Elan? Byrun would be proud….

  • Byrun

    You are the bigger Cage fan, Trent. Now if she were to get an ensemble together to perform Seve Reich…
    Still an unexpected surprise. Way to go Michelle.
    BTW Pete, since I figured out the comments things I take back my comments about the slip-shod, rip-off operation and the cabbage and the mule thing.

  • Sis-sis


    Now if only I could play Mozart properly …

  • Deborah

    Can anybody tell me where to FIND sis-sis? Been looking for her for a few months…and her VictoriA phone # is disconnected. Pls tell her to call Deborah Johnston…PLEASE!!!!!