This time, Lucas really really means it!

Reuters reports that George Lucas is calling the upcoming Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith “a real tearjerker” and “more emotional” than “the first one” (I assume he means Episode I, not Episode IV — although it wouldn’t make much difference).

He also compares Episode III to the chart-topping blockbuster of all time, Titanic, which I guess is his way of taking back everything he once said about how Episode III would make the least money because it will be “too dark”. Since Episode II turned out to be the least lucrative film of them all (in unadjusted dollars, it ranks marginally ahead of Episodes V and VI, a.k.a. Empire and Jedi, but in adjusted dollars, it’s way down at #80 while the other four films are all in the Top 20), I guess he’s really hoping he won’t go out with a whimper this time. Best to plant the idea that his film is just like that really, really successful film over there.

So, with all that in mind, I guess he means Episode III will be “more emotional” the way that he once said Episode II would be “more romantic”? Alas, the romance was one of the most poorly, clunkily handled things in that movie, and I fear nothing will have improved since then.

But of course, fear leads to anger, and anger leads to hate … so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

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  • Peter, just saw your site via NTGateway’s listing. Any chance of getting an xml feed so I can get th epost delivered directly – don’t want to miss out! I’m running a course at a Bible College in the UK on Imaging Jesus – just used Jesus on Montreal and after easter moving onto Last Temptation and Passion – trying to explore contemporary christological images…sorry to comment but couldn’t find your email anywhere!


  • Thom

    I’m really torn…I want to keep my cynical edge towaqrds the films…the the previews keep giving me hope…however false I realize those hopes may be.

    But Sith looks intense. Just last Sunday, Lucas was touting the “darker edge” of the film and claiming the film would be a PG-13. BTW, does more emotional mean it can’t be dark?

  • Hi, Pete — I’m new enough to this blogging thing that I’m not sure what an xml feed is, exactly. I do have my blog set up so that I receive e-mail copies of all new posts — including comments — but I’m not sure I’d want to burden anyone else with anything more than the original posts. Any tips you can offer, I’m all ears.

    Re: Jesus of Montreal, did you know that a few characters from that film appear in Denys Arcand’s newest film, The Barbarian Invasions, which won the Oscar for best foreign-language film last year? There is an excellent discussion of the films here, at the message board from which I was recently booted (it’s a long story) — and I’m not saying it’s excellent because I started that thread! Rather, I think several of the other contributors had some brilliant, brilliant points to make.

    Thom — Yeah, Lucas has been saying the new film will be “dark”, and I was actually kind of surprised that Episode II didn’t get a PG-13, considering its various beheadings and dismemberments seemed, to me at least, to be on par with what we’ve seen in, e.g., the Lord of the Rings films. I guess the ratings board just went with inertia and stuck to the PG rating Lucas’s previous films had had.

  • You almost get the sense that at the end of this movie, Lucas will close the book on the whole Star Wars thing, and let others do what they will with it. I guess that’s good news, because in the past when others have been involved they’ve turned out =really good. That being said, I think this last movie may turn out really, really good. I just wish that this is the movie they should have started the prequels with.

  • Pete – All blogger/blogspot sites (I think) automatically publish to xml via atom. All you do is add “/atom.xml” to any blogspot address. So, add to your rss program, and it should work as long as your program can interpret Atom feeds. Hope this helps.