A day without new posts? Noooo!

Looks like I missed a day for the first time since starting this blog just over three weeks ago! Ah well, I was in Los Angeles and busy with the junket for Kingdom of Heaven, which comes out in four weeks. The hotel was teeming with shields, banners and other medieval decorations, and an early-music group serenaded us journalists during the cocktail party after the screening, and Orlando Bloom brought his dog “Siddy” to the roundtable interview, so I had two reasons for wishing my wife (a dog-loving, SCA-inclined kind of gal) had been there. (Well, three, if we count the fact that I had a bed to myself for the first time since I got married.) It’s a bit early to post my thoughts on the film itself right now, but I’ll have a review and some other items up on various websites by the time it comes out May 6. In the meantime, I also hope to post my thoughts here about the handful of thematically related films I watched prior to visiting L.A. Stay tuned!

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