I’m number four! I’m number four!

I’m number four! I’m number four! April 28, 2005

I just got an e-mail from an editor who was at the Evangelical Press Association conference this week, and he tells me that my film column for BC Christian News placed fourth in the award for “Standing Column”. I had no idea I was even in the running here, so this is a pleasant surprise. I don’t see any info on this online yet, but my editor tells me that this is the company I’m keeping:

1. Indeed, “A Parting Word,” by Chris Tiegreen
2. The Church Herald, “Signs of the Kingdom,” by Louis Lotz
3. Leadership, “Commentary,” by Brian McLaren
4. BC Christian News, “Movie Reviews,” by Peter T. Chattaway
5. Plain Truth, “Growing Places,” by Susan Reedy

So now I’m not only an award-winning journalist (see below), I am also specifically an award-winning movie critic. Cool.

Re: earlier awards. I have won a few in the past, but almost always for my news stories in BC Christian News. The Canadian Church Press gave an honourable mention to this story in 1998, and to this story in 2004; I got another honourable mention in 2003 for this story in Faith Today on the Harry Potter phenomenon. The Christian Newspaper Association also gave third prize to this story in 2001, and another third prize to this story in 2004.

Sounds a little like “always a bridesmaid, never a bride,” doesn’t it? It’s still fun to be in so many wedding parties, though!

UPDATE: And now it’s time to spread the joy around. Turns out Christianity Today‘s “movie channel“, to which I contribute, took first place in the “Online Publications” category — despite being such a new site! (It was only up and running for about 10 of last year’s 12 months). Jeffrey Overstreet has the scoop.

MAY 13 UPDATE: In case anyone’s interested, my editor just sent me the comments that the judge made regarding my award:

1. Why this works: Simply put, Chattaway is one of the best writers on Christian themes I’ve read in this contest over the years. He not only describes well the films he’s seen, but leaves little doubt about his opinions and adds lots of personal knowledge that enriches the experience.

2. What needs improvement or doesn’t work: Could be a tad tighter.

3. Remarks: Inspiring to see a writer of Chattaway’s caliber writing about Christian themes.

Plus I got 9 out of 10 for each of the four categories: writing style, well-expressed opinions, appeal to intended audience and uniqueness of contribution. For whatever that’s worth.

MAY 21 UPDATE: I noticed something else while showing the EPA website to a friend of mine today. The EPA site says how many entries were received in each category, and there were 58 entries in the ‘Standing Column’ category, in which I came 4th. I believe the only writing-oriented category that had more entries was ‘General Article’, with 86. ‘Cover’ and ‘Two-Page Spread Design’ also had more entries, with 70 and 59 entries respectively, but those are more design-oriented. For whatever that’s all worth!

MAY 31 UPDATE: And now I’ve won another award for my film reviews, this time from the Canadian Church Press! Details here.

MAY 12, 2006 UPDATE: Another year, another fourth-place EPA award — this time for ‘Critical Review’! More details here.

JUN 9, 2006 UPDATE: And now my article on ‘The paganism of Narnia’ for BC Christian News has taken first place in the ‘Review’ category at the Fellowship of Christian Newspapers!

MAY 6, 2007 UPDATE: Another year, another CCP award — this time for ‘Media Review – Newspaper’. More details here.

JUN 2, 2008 UPDATE: And now my article on His Dark Materials for BC Christian News has taken second place in the ‘Editorial’ category at the Fellowship of Christian Newspapers.

JUN 4, 2009 UPDATE: My film column has picked up another CCP award, once again in the ‘Media Review’ category. Details here.

AUG 9, 2009 UPDATE: My film column has picked up another FCN award, this time as the ‘Best Column’ of 2008. Details here.

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  • Matt Page

    Congratulations Peter – confirming what we all knew all along…