Disney DVDs galore!

I like to make lists, and I like cartoons, and I like classic films, and I sometimes go a little nuts. Hence, when I discovered that Disney is now putting out a series of “Classic Cartoon Favorites” (four discs released so far, three more coming out in two weeks), which recycle a small number of the cartoons already available in the limited edition “Walt Disney Treasures” but also go beyond the contents of those sets, I just had to go and do this.

AUG 16 UPDATE: I have now posted an updated list here.

AUG 26 UPDATE: I have posted another updated list here, to take into account the new “Walt Disney Treasures” sets.

MAR 12 UPDATE: I have now posted another updated list here, to take into account the new “Timeless Tales“, “Funny Factory” and “It’s a Small World of Fun” series. They do proliferate, don’t they?

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