Strange searches

I’ve had SiteMeter for just over a month now, and I got it largely so I could keep tabs on how people have been finding this site. And it’s been interesting to see some of the Google searches people have run.

A number of these searches seem to be tied to the releases of certain films; for example, lately, a few people have been looking for “foosa”, the predatory animals in Madagascar. And for a few weeks now, people have also been looking for various things related to Star Wars and Kingdom of Heaven — in fact, “kingdom of heaven historical inaccuracies” and “kingdom of heaven quotes” seem to be very popular search requests right now.

Somewhat related to this are the searches for nude pictures of Keisha Knight Pulliam and Jennifer Esposito, which came up around the release dates of Beauty Shop and Crash, respectively.

And then there are the more idiosyncratic, one-off requests, like the persons who were searching just this morning for “bad movie physics indiana jones” and “shrek satirize the traditional heroes journey”. I love you guys, whoever you are.

But what makes me scratch my head are the requests that have come in, week after week, for “the meaning of 7” and “nooooo”. That’s right, quite a few people have been searching for “nooooo”, and the search always brings them to this post on my wife’s reaction to the trailer for Serenity. (Come to think of it, there have been a few searches a la “is there sound in space”, too.)

One or two searches of the “nooooo” sort wouldn’t make any impression on me. But it’s been happening for a while now. What on earth are these people looking for, I wonder?

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  • I’ve got the answer! I think I know what people are looking for when they google “nooooo”: Darth Vader.

  • That’s certainly possible, but I think the searches began before Episode III came out, or even before the press screening I attended two weeks before the film opened. But my memory’s been wrong before, and it’s always possible that there were rumours about that scene well in advance.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve recently published a novel entitled “Foosa! Primal Instinct”, released by Pentland Press. Many readers say it would make a great movie. Look it uo on
    Ed Begen