Fred Herzog photographs Vancouver

Nothing directly film-related here — I just have to link to this article from today’s Vancouver Sun on the work of Fred Herzog, a photographer who has been documenting this city for the past half-century.

Check out page 2 of his website portfolio in particular; in addition to the 1957 picture shown here — a heart-rending reminder of the neon-lit “theatre row” that once existed on Granville Street (the neon’s back these days, but thanks to the closure of the Capitol 6 a few months ago, there is now only one movie theatre left there, and one theatre does not a “row” make) — there are also photos of the West End taken in 1957 and 2004 from almost the exact same spot on the Granville Street Bridge, and it’s amazing to see how this neighbourhood has changed. (FWIW, my wife and I live in an apartment complex just across the street from the north end of the Burrard Street Bridge — an intersection visible in 1957 but blocked by high-rises in 2004.)

Did I say nothing film-related? Actually, apart from the theatre photos, this does remind me a little bit of those films I saw two months ago that were made in Vancouver a quarter-century ago.

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