From Martin Tsai’s review of The Constant Gardener in the WestEnder:

City of God first evidenced Meirelles’s penchant for aestheticizing poverty into Benetton ads. As he did with the slums of Rio de Janeiro, he has filmed the destitute Nairobi with oversaturated colours, jerky camera work and choppy editing. Stylizing on demand, he has also photographed the scenes in London with a gloomy olive filter, and stages the Quayles’ between bedsheets as if it were a Lancome perfume commercial. Basically, Meirelles is like the Brazilian Michael Bay, only with slightly more sociopolitically-charged material to better inflict liberal guilt trips upon viewers.

I can see his point, but still — ouch.

"Once again, we get a one-sided telling of this story."

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  • Anonymous

    So is his contention that it would have been a better movie had it been non-stylized and the narrative told in chronological order? If so, he makes a very poor (that is, no) case for that assertion. Looks to me like a critic trying to get attention by distancing himself from him peers.

  • Hahaha, Martin is an NYU classmate of mine. What an odd form of small world cross pollination.