Separated at birth?

Sorry, I can’t resist. The picture of my daughter Elizabeth at right was taken at a baby shower hosted by my parents last Saturday — seven weeks after she and her twin brother were born, for those keeping track — and something about the open mouth and the way she puts her fists together reminded me of that other image.

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  • Geosomin

    Just think…maybe she’ll grow up to be a crazy little singer some day!

  • Jeffrey Overstreet

    It’s sad to see kids already imitating questionable pop culture role models at such a young age.

    How could you give such a young child permission to shave her head? Gosh! I remember when girls weren’t allowed to get their ears pierced until they turned ten…

  • magnus

    “Aw…cute! Just think…maybe she’ll grow up to be a crazy little singer some day”

    Without the requisite child abuse to make her that way, we hope.

  • Sis-sis

    Aww, and they’re both in blue.

  • Peter T Chattaway

    And they’re both virtually bald, too!

  • magnus

    Bah! You call that bald? Send your kid my way.