I’m number four! I’m number four! (again)

Last year, my film column for BC Christian News placed fourth in the “Standing Column” category at the Evangelical Press Association awards. Today, my editor at CT Movies tells me my review of The Exorcism of Emily Rose placed fourth in the “Critical Review” category. Woo-hoo! I’ll post more details as they come.

MAY 12 UPDATE: The data is now in, and the rankings are:

1. Books & Culture, “The Gospel According to . . . ” by Andy Crouch
2. Christianity Today Online, “Conspiracy, Control and Crichton” by Read Mercer Schuchardt
3. Christianity Today, “All You Need Is Unconditional Love” by John Wilson
4. Christianity Today Movies, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” by Peter T. Chattaway
5. Priscilla Papers, “Review on John Eldridge” by Brynn Camery-Haoggatt and Nealson Munn

The judge for this category was Jason Killingsworth, music editor of Paste magazine. This is how he graded the review:
1. Communicates information about the subject: 10
2. Critical perceptivity: 9
3. Validity of reviewer’s criteria: 10
4. Writing style: 7
5. Reviewer’s subjective response: 9

And these were his remarks:

1. Why this works: Author approaches his subject from a variety of angles, giving readers a well-balanced critique that also proves rather comprehensive.

2. What needs improvement or doesn’t work: Writing style can get a bit dry at times, hampering the overall enjoyment of the reading experience.

3. Remarks: Author challenges his audience to think critically and that counts for a lot. There’s plenty of meaty criticism here.

Thanks to Jason, the EPA, and of course my editor(s)!

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