The Da Vinci Code sets a new record

FWIW, Reuters reports that The Da Vinci Code just had the second-biggest worldwide opening ever. In North America, the film grossed only $77 million — twelve other films have done better — but overseas, it grossed a record $147 million. The two figures combine to form $224 million, which is second only to the $253 million that Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith earned worldwide on its opening weekend last year.

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  • Thom

    The Church sure showed Hollywood, huh?

  • RC

    2nd world wide…but many films have had later world wide releasing schedules…

    it’s 13 US best opening weekend…

    the passion comes in at number 11 in the US w/ over 83 million opening weekend.

    I’m not sure how that compares for Canada.

    (some of my box office thoughts are in my most recent post on my own blog…check it out)

    –RC of

  • Peter T Chattaway

    The Passion of the Christ is currently #10 on the all-time North American chart, but is only something like #67 on the all-time international chart, thus it is only #29 on the all-time combined worldwide chart.

    When it comes to religious movies, Canada is closer to the international market than the North American market — as I mention here, it was, in fact, this difference that made me start keeping track of the differences between Canadian and American box-office stats.

    FWIW, 17 other films have had domestic opening weekends of over $70 million, and of those, 9 went on to gross over $300 million in total. The 8 hold-outs were all sequels (The Matrix 2, X-Men 2, Austin Powers 3, Jurassic Park 2, Harry Potter 2, 3, 4), except for The Incredibles.

  • Geosomin

    I’m kinda glad J had lazer eye us an excuse to just see the movie when we get around to it…I mean it’s not like someone will give the ending away or anything!