Grace, Nativity to sneak-peek in Indiana

From a press release issued yesterday by the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana:

Opening the nine-day event on October 19 is the U.S. Premiere of Michael Apted’s powerful “Amazing Grace” at the IMAX Theater. The Festival continues with the opening night of film screenings on October 20 and exclusive filmmaker Q&A; sessions with audiences. Additional events include an opportunity to meet filmmakers and special guests at the Filmmakers’ Brunch; the World Premiere of “Air Buddies” at the Kids’ Movie Party; and an exclusive peek at film clips from the upcoming and much-anticipated New Line Cinema film “The Nativity Story” which includes a special Q&A; with Director Catherine Hardwicke all on October 22.

The “U.S. Premiere” of Amazing Grace? It seems like someone is forgetting about tonight’s screening in Pasadena.

(Hat tip to Jeffrey Overstreet at the Looking Closer Journal.)

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