Canadian box-office stats — October 22

Here are the figures for the past weekend, arranged from those that owe the highest percentage of their take to the Canadian box office to those that owe the lowest.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie — CDN $3,021,892 — N.AM $3,021,892 — 100%
Marie Antoinette — CDN $716,387 — N.AM $5,300,000 — 13.5%

The Prestige — CDN $1,530,394 — N.AM $14,818,000 — 10.3%
The Departed — CDN $7,533,700 — N.AM $77,148,000 — 9.8%
Open Season — CDN $6,470,518 — N.AM $69,602,000 — 9.3%
Man of the Year — CDN $2,024,639 — N.AM $22,516,000 — 9.0%
The Guardian — CDN $4,141,101 — N.AM $46,480,000 — 8.9%

The Grudge 2 — CDN $2,485,669 — N.AM $31,380,000 — 7.9%
Flicka — CDN $489,012 — N.AM $7,700,000 — 6.4%
Flags of Our Fathers — CDN $612,828 — N.AM $10,200,000 — 6.0%

A couple of discrepancies: Based on its first two weeks, the Canadian figure for Open Season may or may not include its IMAX screenings. The Guardian and Trailer Park Boys: The Movie were #9 and #10 on the Canadian chart, respectively (the former film was #11 in North America, and the latter film isn’t on the North American chart at all), while Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and The Marine were #9 and #10 on the North American chart, respectively.

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