Jesus of Nazareth — a tale of two regions

My friend Matt Page has just posted some information on Jesus of Nazareth (1977) and its DVD release in Europe, over at his Bible Films Blog — and along the way, he posts two screen captures, so that North American obsessives like me can compare the Region 2 release to the Region 1 release that is sitting on our shelves.

So, I have tracked down the equivalent screen captures on my own DVD, which was released by Artisan Entertainment six years ago, and here they are — with Matt’s Region 2 version on the left and my Region 1 version on the right. As ever, click on the pictures themselves to see bigger versions of them.

Stronger colours, less cropping (curiously, these images are the same width but not the same height) — I like Region 2 better.

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  • Matt Page

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for posting those. The reason the images appear in different ratios is because the screen grab software I used there is rather poor and compresses the image on the horizontal plain. (This has it’s advantages too – my profile picture is taken from a screen grab, and it leaves me looking slimmer!). I did think about stretching it out again afterwards, but then I thought that might distort the image.

    Interestingly, even with my poor software the region 2 print stills looks better, particularly on the Ecce Homo shot. I have got access to another screen grabber so I might see of that gives a truer images.


    Given that

  • Peter T Chattaway

    The reason the images appear in different ratios is because the screen grab software I used there is rather poor and compresses the image on the horizontal plain.

    Ah, I had wondered about that — not only because of this side-by-side comparison, and certainly not because you look slimmer on your blog (having never met you in person, how would I know?), but because of other pictures! :)

    Incidentally, I don’t believe the second image here is, technically, from the movie’s “Ecce Homo” scene; that scene takes place in Pilate’s office, as it were, with only a handful of Roman and Jewish authorities present, whereas this scene takes place in front of the crowd (which, admittedly, is where Pilate says “Ecce Homo” in most other films).

    And BTW, isn’t it a little weird to think that you could post something as generic as a close-up of Jesus’ face, and I would know right away which scene to find it in? I mean, I certainly didn’t have to re-watch all six-and-a-half hours of this show to go looking for it!