This movie was not screened for critics, 2007.

Time to start another list.

Ten months ago, I posted an item on Ultraviolet and several other movies which had not been screened for critics in the first two months of 2006; and then, as the year progressed and the ranks of such movies swelled, I posted updates to that original post.

Well, here we are, with the second weekend of 2007 upon us, and already a film is going into wide release without being shown to critics in advance — unless you count a late-night invitational screening the night before the movie opens as “in advance”. (It is a preview of sorts, but it’s still too late for newspaper deadlines.)

There will be more such films in the year ahead, I’m sure; I’ll post updates as they come, and link to those updates from here.

January 12: Primeval.
January 19: The Hitcher.
January 26: Blood and Chocolate, Epic Movie.
February 2: The Messengers.
February 14: Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls.
February 16: Ghost Rider.
February 23: The Abandoned, Reno 911!: Miami.
March 16: Dead Silence.
March 23: The Hills Have Eyes II.
April 13: Pathfinder, Redline, Slow Burn.
April 27: The Invisible, Kickin’ It Old Skool, Wind Chill.
May 11: Delta Farce.
June 8: Hostel Part II.
June 15: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.
June 27: Live Free or Die Hard.
July 13: Captivity.
July 27: The Simpsons Movie, I Know Who Killed Me, Who’s Your Caddy?.
August 3: Underdog, Bratz: The Movie.
August 10: Skinwalkers.
August 17: The Last Legion.
August 24: War.
August 31: Halloween.
September 21: Resident Evil: Extinction.
October 5: Feel the Noise.
October 12: Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?.
October 19: The Comebacks.
October 26: Saw IV.
November 30: Awake.
December 25: Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem.

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  • Ryan Hartsock

    It continually amazes me that studios greenlight what look to be glorified B-movies and do the full marketing ramp up for them then chose to have no advanced screenings.

    Out of the list I only see one movie that financially excelled…”Ghost Rider”.