Will Pixar’s downward trend continue?

Cars was an under-performer, by Pixar standards; it grossed less than any of their films since A Bug’s Life (1998). Will their next film, Ratatouille — which comes out in six months — continue the downward trend? Jim Hill explains why Disney is concerned.

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  • Anonymous

    What a stupid, sensationalist, airheaded question, worthy of CNN or some other issue-monger.

    One data point does not constitute a “trend”.

    The real question is whether Disney’s acquisition of Pixar will affect their work going forward.

  • Two data points, if you count The Incredibles. 🙂

  • the incredibles was a down-turn?

    i think the issue is that Cars was mediocre, and people expect better from Pixar. if it came out from Dreamworks or Disney proper, nobody’d be surprised.

    on the other hand, Disney doesn’t seem to be doing much better now that Pixar’s helping to call the shots. do you think there’ll be a turn-around? and if so, how long will that take?

  • the incredibles was a down-turn?

    Well, it made less money than Finding Nemo — but then, most movies do! 🙂

    It takes anywhere from three to five years to make a cartoon, and Pixar’s been in charge for less than a year, so I wouldn’t expect Disney’s quality to improve overnight. In the next few years, though, perhaps…