The bones of Jesus in fiction and film

In all the news stories and blog posts that I have seen this week on James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici‘s documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus, I don’t believe I have yet seen anyone make a reference to Jonas McCord’s The Body (2001), which starred Antonio Banderas as a priest who investigates the possibility that a recently discovered skeleton may be the bones of Christ.

Then again, considering almost nobody saw that film, and the few who did didn’t care for it, perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised.

I wonder if any other films have explored this story premise. I do know that Paul L. Maier wrote a novel several years ago called A Skeleton in God’s Closet, and I have heard that movie studios expressed interest in it, but it’s not a movie yet.

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  • Anonymous

    Factoids: Catholic author Piers Paul Read also wrote a book on the ‘discovery’ of the bones of Christ: On the Third Day. Read had one of his later books — ‘Alive’ — made into a movie, directed by Frank Marshall.

  • I’ve written a comprehensive rebuttal of the films claims. Please read it and decide for yourself whether or not the film claims are solid or a hoax.

    You will find it at

  • I’m not sure about films, but I do recall a novel that came when I was in my very early teens (five to seven years ago?) called Wil’s Bones. It was about a young boy with a Christian fundamentalist father who beats him (naturally). The young man swears to get his revenge by growing up to become an archaeologist, finding Jesus’ bones, and disproving Christianity. And he does just that. Only to discover that there is a vast US-Israeli conspiracy in place to cover up the bones (naturally.) Hijinks ensue.

    I read a review of it in my local newspaper and, young Christian that I was, it troubled me greatly and stayed with me a long time.

    Looked at in retrospect, though, the plot sounds more than a little silly.

  • Apparently, there was a “documentary” that ran in the UK about the Jesus and Family back in 1996. Typical sensationalist fare that did nothing to back up its claims with solid proof.
    I like the Global news clip I saw here in BC. I missed the beginning but the tail end of the piece seemed to state that the Tomb and body of Jesus were now on the record as fact.
    Everybody love hype…

  • eeYour blog surely is a delight for movie buffs like me! Keep blogging. Tc.