Keisha Castle-Hughes has a baby — it’s a girl!

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Keisha Castle-Hughes gave birth to a daughter, Felicity-Amore, last Wednesday.

You may recall that Castle-Hughes became pregnant last year at the age of 16, shortly after she finished playing the Virgin Mary in The Nativity Story — but before the film was released in theatres. Some journalists evidently hoped that this would cause a great religious controversy, but it never happened. Castle-Hughes did, however, face a strong backlash in her native New Zealand.

Shortly before she gave birth, Castle-Hughes gave an interview on New Zealand TV — her first formal interview in two years, reportedly — and as far as I can tell, her only comment on The Nativity Story and its proximity to her pregnancy was:

“It was weird because I’d been playing this pregnant woman for three months.”

She wondered at times if she was imagining the pregnancy because she got so caught up in the role.

As one who is still getting used to parenting myself, 15 months into the game, I wish Castle-Hughes and her boyfriend all the best!

"Once again, we get a one-sided telling of this story."

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  • She wondered at times if she was imagining the pregnancy because she got so caught up in the role

    I am very good friends with a married Christian woman who told me she and her husband successfully stayed celibate until their wedding night. However, she admits the last three months before the wedding, she was so enamored with romantic thoughts of her husband, that when her period came late just a few weeks prior to the ceremony (stress will do that to a woman) she actually believed for a fleeting ten seconds of irrational terror that she might have been pregannt, even though that was utterly impossible.

  • I’m the one that saw the three stars at night and the light at night it took awhile for it to come to my house and I don’t know what it was for after I wached The Nativity Story of Virgin Mary.