Canadian box-office stats — June 10

Here are the figures for the past weekend, arranged from those that owe the highest percentage of their take to the Canadian box office to those that owe the lowest.

Away from Her — CDN $827,281 — N.AM $3,714,000 — 22.3%
Spider-Man 3 — CDN $32,590,000 — N.AM $325,680,000 — 10.0%
Shrek the Third — CDN $24,210,000 — N.AM $281,892,000 — 8.6%
Knocked Up — CDN $5,390,000 — N.AM $66,241,000 — 8.1%
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End — CDN $20,170,000 — N.AM $253,614,000 — 8.0%
Ocean’s Thirteen — CDN $2,840,000 — N.AM $37,080,000 — 7.7%
Mr. Brooks — CDN $1,190,000 — N.AM $18,682,000 — 6.3%
Surf’s Up — CDN $973,180 — N.AM $18,000,000 — 5.4%
Hostel Part II — CDN $398,614 — N.AM $8,750,000 — 4.6%

A couple of discrepancies: The Canadian figure for Spider-Man 3 combines the regular release ($30,220,000), which came in at #7, with the IMAX release ($2,370,000), which came in at #9 — so I do not know what film would have been #10 in Canada if those figures had been combined. I believe the American figure for Spider-Man 3 has already combined the regular and IMAX revenues. Away from Her was #10 on the Canadian chart (it was #16 in North America as a whole), while Waitress and Disturbia were #9 and #10 on the North American chart, respectively.

UPDATE: The Canadian Press reports slightly different figures, and has only one figure for Spider-Man 3. It also reports that Waitress was #10 on the Canadian chart. The CP gives weekend figures only, and not the cumes, so I don’t have enough info to revise my list.

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