Two more movies not screened for critics?

I’m slipping! I forgot to mention last week that Hostel Part II — which turned out to be a flop — was coming out last Friday without being shown to critics beforehand. At any rate, I heard of no screenings, and all the reviews I’ve read so far were published in the Saturday or Sunday papers — which is usually a sign that the critics couldn’t see the film until the paying public could. It is not uncommon for horror films to bypass the critics, so this isn’t a major news item; it’s just another film to add to my list.

Meanwhile, it looks like the only preview screening for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer — in Vancouver, at least — will be on Thursday night. The film opens Friday afternoon, if not earlier. And as we all know, screenings that take place the night before the movie opens “don’t count”. If anyone knows of any screenings earlier than that — in this or any other city — let me know. (I am vaguely reminded of how this same studio had advance screenings for Pathfinder in a handful of American cities but none whatsoever in Vancouver — despite the fact that the film was made here! FWIW, both of the Fantastic Four movies were shot here, too.)

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