The Golden Compass — more preview footage

Yahoo! Movies and the official website for The Golden Compass have both posted the extended preview reel that played at Comic-Con recently. The actors look great, the visual effects look great, the music sounds great, and darn it, I find it all rather moving. If this were any other film, I would be very much looking forward to watching it. (Scratch that: I am very much looking forward to watching it.) But, alas, all the excellence on display is tainted by the fact that we all know where this will lead, if and when the sequels follow the story to its conclusion. Sigh.

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  • scott

    It just kills me that Narnia probably won’t ever get a film treatment as serious and wonderful as this. Instead we get XTREME BATTLES!!!11

  • Magnus

    Why should the devil have all the good film makers? 😉