Yet another movie not screened for critics.

The only local screening I’ve heard of for Resident Evil: Extinction takes place tonight at 9:30 pm — which happens to be a point in time when the midnight screenings will already have begun on the east coast. Can’t say I’m surprised. The first two movies in this series were pretty bad — click here for my review of the second one — and the third film is being distributed by Screen Gems, which frequently avoids screening films for critics.

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  • Matthew R Walker

    It might be awful, fluffy, filled with dazzling & glossy special effects, with as much substance as a pack of nutrasweet, though still, I have this thing for zombie movies….

    I might see it tonight, and share some thoughts later. Hopefully my brain will still be intact afterwards!

  • Magnus

    Screen Gems… sort like pus jewels?

  • geosomin

    I don’t know why everyone knocks the zombie films…they’re b movies. And pretty good ones.

    Of course I have a soft spot for bad B movie horror films…:)