Star Trek XI — casting round-up

Now that all the actors are in place for the main characters in J.J. Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek movie, here is a list of the characters, the actors who created them in 1966 (although Spock was first played by Leonard Nimoy in the unaired 1964 pilot episode, and Chekov was added to the show in 1967), the actors who will play them in the new movie, and the age gaps between them:

  1. James T. Kirk — William Shatner, 35 — Chris Pine, 27 — 8 years

  2. Spock — Leonard Nimoy, 33/35 — Zachary Quinto, 30 — 3/5 years
  3. Leonard H. “Bones” McCoy — DeForest Kelley, 46 — Karl Urban, 35 — 11 years
  4. Montgomery “Scotty” Scott — James Doohan, 46 — Simon Pegg, 38 — 8 years
  5. Uhura — Nichelle Nichols, 33 — Zoe Saldana, 29 — 4 years
  6. Hikaru Sulu — George Takei, 29 — John Cho, 35 — -6 years
  7. Pavel A. Chekov — Walter Koenig, 31 — Anton Yelchin, 18 — 13 years

If any other original-series characters are added to the cast, such as Janice Rand or Christine Chapel, I will add them here.

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