How time flies.

Five years ago today, a woman I had known for only a few weeks went with me to see a movie called Punch. It was our second date. And because it took place the day before Valentine’s Day, and because we were technically just friends and not officially “dating” yet, I gave her a home-made card with a picture of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, and wished her a happy “un-Valentine’s Day”.

Three years ago today, that woman married me.

Two years ago today, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary with friends, after visiting our nine-day-old twins in the hospital.

Today, we … stayed home with the kids, all three of them. (The third one will be one month old tomorrow, though it feels like his one-month birthday should be today, because he was born less than an hour after midnight.) And we hung out with our friend Magnus, who dropped by after work for a few hours.

Nothing spectacular. These days it’s a relief just to get a nap sometimes. But it’s cozy. Life is good.

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  • stodmyk

    Congratulations, several times over, and happy anniversary as well. This was a lovely little post, my friend, and I tip my hat to you and yours on this day of hearts.

    I’m not sure how it happened, but I missed the fact that you had twins… Identical, or frats?

  • Peter T Chattaway

    Frats, boy and girl. I posted a picture of them a few weeks ago here. See also here for pictures of them on the day they were born, and here for a link to their first appearance on TV, only a few days after they were born.

  • Peter T Chattaway

    Oh, and thanks for the hat-tipping! Good to hear from you again. Hope things are going well!

  • Peter T Chattaway

    And hey, come to think of it, weren’t you there at the Pacific Cinematheque on the same night that my now-wife and I went to see the restored version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis? That was on March 2, 2003, according to my film journal, and would have been one of our earliest dates; I had only known D for about a month, maybe a month and a half at the most, by then. That was a very good evening — it stands out in my memory — and you were a part of it, man!

  • jasdye

    belated congratulations on the anniversary, peter.