Is Malick’s Tree of Life already shooting?

Seems so, according to’s gossip column ‘The Scoop‘:

Sean Penn and the Jolie-Pitts all living under the same roof? For a brief time, such thing was a possibility.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and kids set up camp in Texas for nearly a month as Pitt filmed “Tree of Life.” Penn, who also stars in the film, arrived on set last week, and if the cost of Pitt’s accommodations hadn’t been an issue, Pitt and Penn might have both ended up staying at the same place. . . .

Why would Pitt need to cut costs? It’s got nothing to do with his expanding brood, but rather the budget for “Tree of Life.” Despite the film’s big-name stars, “Tree” is more indie film than anything, and gained early notoriety when Pitt stepped in to fill the role that was supposed to have been played by Heath Ledger. In fact, most of the cast and crew are staying in rented homes in historic Smithville, Texas, according to the source. . . .

Feels weird to be reading about a Terrence Malick film in a gossip column, not least because he’s such a reclusive and secretive kind of guy. Then again, you will note that Malick’s name is never even mentioned in this column, so I guess it’s all good.

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  • B A Writer

    It just so happens that I was at a park in Austin last week, and there was a big film crew blocking off the swimming area with a pretty wide swath of privacy barriers and yellow tape and security people. I asked what the name of the film was, and they said “Tree of Life–it’s a Brad Pitt movie”. The title didn’t immediately jog my memory, so I asked who the writer/director was/were, and they said, “Terrence Malick?”…they clearly didn’t expect me to know who he was. (When I’ve told this story to a few people over the past week, they’ve mostly wondered about the chance to catch a glimpse of Mr. Pitt, but I suspect that the security stuff might’ve been more focused on Mr. Malick’s privacy.)

    Long story short: if the PAs and security folks outside the yellow tape are to be believed, then yes, they were shooting last week in Austin.