What is so funny about these images?

After obsessing over The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep for the past few weeks, my daughter has developed an interest in Davey and Goliath — and for some reason she laughs every single time the logo at the beginning and end of each episode dissolves from the image on the left to the image on the right. Does anyone with a better understanding of child psychology than I have a clue why my two-year-old daughter might find this segue so funny?

My son has begun to laugh at this sequence, too, though I suspect he’s just imitating his twin sister; a few seconds ago, he found it funny even though he wasn’t even looking at the screen, he just heard the music and looked at his sister and laughed in her direction.

"Once again, we get a one-sided telling of this story."

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  • Those darn Lutherans. They’re so hilarious…

  • I think the minds of 2 yr olds are best left unplumbed. My kids giggle at the beginnings of their favorite movies because they recognize the logos and know what movie is about to appear. As for laughing at the end, maybe it was such a delightful viewing experience she can’t contain her joy. 🙂

    When my oldest was a toddler he would cry if I didn’t let him watch every single second of the movie from beginning to end. If I tried to fast forward through the warning he would get mad at me. Now that he can read he is having a blast exploring his DVD’s and video games. I once thought all those extras were useless, but he has learned alot, and, more importantly, it gives him something to do besides bugging his sister and brothers.

  • She recognizes that the ELCA is a shell of its former self? All figure and no ground?

  • What isn’t funny about us Lutherans? We’re the Richard Pryor or Protestant denominations!