Yet another Noah’s Ark cartoon brewing?

The Hollywood Reporter says Casey Affleck, the Oscar-nominated younger brother of Ben, pitched an animated film called Aardvark Art’s Ark two years ago and is still developing it at Warner Brothers, though a new screenwriter has been brought in to do the rewrites while Affleck takes care of his busy acting career.

The paper says the film concerns “a group of animals who are stranded when they are not chosen to go on Noah’s ark.”

That brings the number of recent and in-development Noah’s Ark cartoons — whether literal or quasi-allegorical — up to six. Other such films that I have noted here include:

  1. The Flood — Promenade Pictures
  2. Rock the Boat — Gaumont
  3. Noah’s Ark — Unified Pictures
  4. El Arca — Patagonik Film Group
  5. The Missing Lynx — Kandor Graphics

And that’s not counting the seemingly defunct projects that were once being developed by Bill Cosby and Walden Media — to say nothing of the recent live-action effort Evan Almighty (2007).

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  • Chris

    Another recent Ark based film…. Raining Cats and Frogs (2003).

  • How in the world do you end a cartoon about the animals left off the ark …?

    “Always look at the bright side of life” has been used already.

  • Anonymous

    Well, if you read my animated feature script about the animals left off the Ark you'd find out.

    'I' only found out about Casey Affleck's film today! I am totally gutted! I had finished my second draft (in 2006) and was commisioning character art with the intention of pitching the idea.


    : (

  • Ah John I feel for you. That must be very disheartening. But if you believe in your piece dont give it up man. Do the f*cking thing anyway, it just may be the best one!