An old favorite finally comes to home video.

Hallelujah. The Family Way (1966), my official third-favorite film of all time, is finally coming out on DVD in North America next week. It has been available in its native Great Britain for some time, but as far as I can tell, it has never been released to home video in North America in any format prior to this — not even on VHS. I don’t expect the film to resonate for everyone the way it does for me, but here are a few selling points, if anyone’s interested: Former child star Hayley Mills co-stars as a newlywed bride in her first truly grown-up role. Her father, Sir John Mills, delivers a fantastic performance as the groom’s grumpy father. Paul McCartney wrote the soundtrack — and it was, in fact, the first solo project by any of the Beatles. And the script was written by Bill Naughton, who also wrote the screenplay for the original version of Alfie (1966). That’s quite the pedigree, no? Many thanks to my friend Karl for alerting me to this.

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  • Magnus

    I just saw Hywell Bennett in “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”.

  • Dave

    Great film. You put me onto it, actually, when you recommended it years ago on the Arts & Faith Forum.

    I still have it on a double bill with Accident, but might consider investing in a more recent version, as it is cropped to TV ratio.