Moore, Stein both working on economy docs

Many critics have observed that Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, a rabble-rousing documentary hosted by conservative pundit Ben Stein, seems to borrow some of its filmmaking techniques from liberal rabble-rouser Michael Moore. So it could be interesting to see what happens when these two guys tackle the same subject, but from their different points of view.

It was announced in November that Moore’s next film, originally conceived as a sequel of sorts to Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004), will now be an “end-of-the-empire” piece about the global financial crisis and the U.S. economy.

And now, in a brand-new interview with Vancouver Sun religion reporter Douglas Todd, Expelled producer Walt Ruloff says his next collaboration with Stein will probably also be a documentary on the economy: “We’ll go under the covers and look at what really happened. We’ll analyse the fraud aspect to it. That’s not being talked about enough.”

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  • RC

    that is very interseting…i know stein will criticize the Clinton administration heavily for it’s equal-opportunity housing practices.

    regardless of who’s point is right Steins or Moore’s — i have a feeling Moore’s doc will be far more popular in hollywood and the box office and some how Stein’s film will seem ametuer.

    I hope both films are insightful and deal with tackling true information not just compelling and exposing sound bites.