Salomaybe? sighting.

Two years ago, I mentioned that Al Pacino was in post-production on Salomaybe?, a sort of quasi-documentary about Oscar Wilde’s Salome done in the same vein as Looking for Richard (1996), a Pacino film that was all about Shakespeare’s Richard III.

Since then … I have heard nothing about this movie.

Until now, that is. At the end of one of his blog posts today, Jeffrey Wells said he spotted Pacino and a few other people attending a screening of Salomaybe? a few days ago.

Whether that means the film is anywhere near to being finished or shown to the public, who knows. The IMDb lists no release date for the film, beyond “2009”, which could mean anything — and could easily be revoked for an even later release date.

FEB 3 UPDATE: Variety ran an article tonight on Pacino’s plan to star in a film version of King Lear, and along the way, it mentions that Salomaybe? is still “in post-production.”

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