Yet another movie about cloning Jesus.

Having directed remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), Pathfinder (2007) and Friday the 13th (opens next week), it looks like Marcus Nispel may be looking for something a little more original to do. But he may be trying too hard, or perhaps not hard enough.

Consider this recent statement, via

“There’s a movie that I’m interested in. A great movie about cloning, it’s called Immaculate Conception,” the German director said. “A girl gets pregnant, doesn’t know why. You think it goes like Rosemary’s Baby but it’s not a horror movie, though. You find out that she’s part of an experiment. A splinter group of the church found a rusty old nail in the hills of Golgotha and they’ve harvested the DNA they believe is from Jesus Christ. It’s like Marathon Man or Coma.”

Leaving aside the fact that Nispel, like many other people, seems to be confusing immaculate conceptions with the virginal kind, you have to give the guy credit for not trying to clone Jesus from the blood stains on the Shroud of Turin. Now that would be unoriginal.

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  • The cloning of Jesus will become a reality sooner than you think!
    It's coming to the big screen in a fun & jaw dropping comedy call "The Second Coming" written by Vito Jennette & Jay DiMare.
    The idea has been pitched around for years, until Trinity Angels Productions decided there is no better time than now.
    The comedy will begin when two archeologist discover the Holy shroud of Turin locked inside of an ancient snuff box. after careful consideration by the church, higher powers decide to clone the Dna…but there is a coffee spill during the cloning process resulting in a coffee colored boy…no cream, no sugar? It isn't until 18years later when Jes "Jesus" sneezes in the lunchroom turning all the water into wine…later to be followed by homeless men (disciples) because of word spreading of a man with the power to turn water into wine. This story will have you leaving your seats wondering why no one thought of this a long time ago? For more information on the film, production, & or questions you may have…go to
    click projects, scroll down to The Second Coming.