Never mind the Titans, what about the Gods?

Surprise, surprise: the newly-released international trailer for the Clash of the Titans remake is more explicit about the anti-theistic elements than the North American trailer:

As a religious person myself, you might think that I would take offense at this, but so far, I don’t. In fact, I kind of get a kick out of what this movie seems to be doing. The original Greek myths weren’t very flattering to their gods, and it only makes sense for this movie to continue in that vein.

Now if only I didn’t keep getting Babylon 5 flashbacks. Based on this trailer, I half-expect the Perseus of this movie to yell at some point, “Now get the hell out of our galaxy!”

Incidentally, have you noticed that Sam Worthington’s first three major Hollywood roles are all hybrids of a sort, with his characters half-human and half-something else? In Terminator Salvation, he was half-robot; in Avatar, he is half-Na’vi; and now, in Clash of the Titans, he is half-god.

In other news, yesterday Warner Brothers confirmed the rumour that Clash of the Titans will be given a last-minute upgrade to 3D, and that its release date will be bumped to April 2 — partly to allow more time for the 3D conversion, but also partly to get the film out of the way of two other 3D movies that are already coming out in March (namely Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and the DreamWorks cartoon How to Train Your Dragon; and hey, will Avatar still be kicking around then?).

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  • Hmm. I'm not seeing it, though perhaps I'm looking too hard for it. All though there is that one scene that had me thinking "If you go to Kha'za'dum, you will die…."

  • The Babylon 5 connection, you mean? I'm thinking of the way humanity seems to be caught in a conflict between Zeus and Hades, and instead of portraying Zeus as the good god opposed to the bad god Hades, one character basically says why do humans need the gods at all.