Twilight — bad for wives, good for dads?

Another year, another Twilight movie — and with that movie, another round of articles on the franchise and its merits (or the lack thereof). Consider the following two items, which I came across almost simultaneously yesterday — and which seem to pull in opposite directions, regarding the effect this franchise is having on family life:

When ‘Twilight’ fandom becomes addiction
Chrystal Johnson didn’t think there was anything unhealthy about her all-consuming fixation with “The Twilight Saga” — until she discovered it was sucking the life out of her marriage.
Los Angeles Times, June 27

Twi-Dads: Hooked on Twilight, but don’t tell their friends
They may be the film franchise’s most unlikely fan base, but they say the rewards are worth it for the father-daughter bonding
Globe and Mail, June 28

Just for the record, as for me and my house, my daughter is still learning how to read and won’t be going anywhere near these books for years, while my wife has zero interest in the franchise whatsoever.

I, on the other hand, must admit that I am looking forward to seeing The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which opens at midnight tonight, if only because the following trailer had me weeping with laughter when it first came out a couple months ago:

YouTube Preview Image

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