Newsbites: Argonauts! Athena! Gods of Egypt!


Three quick movie-news items, all of which have an ancient-mythological element.

1. The Tracking Board says Paramount, which had a moderate success with last year’s Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson, is returning to the Greek-mythological well by developing a new version of Jason and the Argonauts. The film does not have a director yet, but it has a writer (Christopher Hollier) and a producer (Susan Landau) and a team that is already working on “concept art and VFX presentations”. The most famous version of this story, of course, was produced by Ray Harryhausen in 1963. Two other versions were put into development seven years ago — one for the big screen and one for TV — but I haven’t heard anything about them since.

2. Deadline reports that former Sony executive Amy Pascal “has just acquired Michael Diliberti’s pitch Athena, about a troubled young woman who is recruited by a covert agency and learns she is the descendant of the fabled goddess of wisdom and war.” Sort of like, I dunno, a female take on Percy Jackson meets Kingsman, then?

3. Summit Entertainment has made a slight adjustment to the release date for Gods of Egypt. Originally scheduled for February 12, the film is now going to be released on February 26, the date that was recently vacated by Ben-Hur. In its original slot, it was up against Deadpool, Zoolander 2 and How to Be Single; now it will go into wide release on the same day as The Brothers Grimsby, Kidnap and The Witch.

— The photo above comes from the 1963 version of the Argonauts, of course.

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