BC Christian News — November 2007

The newest issue of BC Christian News is now online, and with it, my film column, which looks mainly at 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days but also includes a mini-review of Lars and the Real Girl.

King David modernized for the boob tube

Variety reports:

NBC has greenlit production on “Kings,” an modern retelling of the King David story penned by Michael Green (“Heroes”) and directed by Francis Lawrence (“I Am Legend“). . . .

“It’s a really great hook and an incredible mythic story,” Silverman told Daily Variety, adding that the script was “brilliantly written.” People familiar with the script said “Kings” could work well as a companion to “Heroes.” . . .

“Kings” will be set in a modern city that’s a sort of meta-New York City (think Gotham City, but not as dark). City will the the center of a kingdom financed by a wealthy entrepreneur who’s benefited from the constant state of war in the kingdom.

First season plot will have a young solider catapulting to fame via a heroic act that pits him as a David vs. a much stronger Goliath. He’ll ultimately end up running the kingdom.

“For me, it’s a chance to do a contemporary retelling of a story that’s very part of our cultural DNA, and that’s hopefully netiher red state nor blue state,” Green said.

He said that the pilot also has elements of “new blood taking over for old power,” with his hero having elements of a young Bill Clinton or JFK.

“Somewhere in the back of my head, this has a little bit to do with the upcoming election,” Green added. . . .

NBC, incidentally, is owned by the same corporation that owns Universal Studios. And Universal is the studio that recently hired Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski to write a big-screen epic about the biblical David. Opportunities for synergy, anyone?

Martian Child — the review’s up!

My review of Martian Child is now up at CT Movies.

If blogging is a little light these days …

… it could be because my wife and I have bought a new apartment and are going to be moving there this weekend, while juggling work assignments and doctor’s appointments, etc. (Just in case I haven’t mentioned it here before, we are expecting another addition to the family in mid-January. The twins, meanwhile, are just a few days shy of 21 months. My, how the time flies.)

Just because I like embedding things, here is the route that Google Maps recommends taking from our old place to the new one, with a pit stop in the middle marking the neighbourhood where we have lived for the past several months, while we fixed up the old place so we could rent it out and looked for the new place:

The Canadian dollar was worth more today than at any point since the late 19th century.

So says the Globe and Mail. Apparently the Canadian dollar is now worth about $1.0585 in American currency — which means my paycheques from the States ain’t worth as much as they used to be. Sigh. No wonder it was reported yesterday that the post office is facing a huge parcel backlog, now that Canadians have begun to do a lot of their shopping with American outlets over the internet.

Indiana Jones IV — teaser outline now online?

Carmen Andres at In the Open Space links to an item purporting to be a summary of the upcoming teaser for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and says her own “insider source” — presumably the same person she referred to here? — considers the summary “legit”. And oh, yes, it would seem to confirm that the Ark of the Covenant does play a significant role in this film.