Mark Steyn was a pop-culture expert — films, theatre, songs, he has reviewed it all — long before he became a political pundit, and he has been going on and on about demographics and declining birth rates for so long that I could not help but wonder what he would make of Children of Men, the new movie in which the entire human race has been unable to procreate for nearly 20 years.At last, I have my answer, via his… Read more

I recently got an advance copy of the “definitive edition” of The Passion of the Christ, which comes out January 30, and I couldn’t resist capturing this typo that appears in the text commentary:Now why am I imagining this actress vandalizing museums — and maybe libraries! — as part of her research for her role?I’ll post a proper review of the two-disc set in the near future. Read more

A colleague of mine in Chicago mailed me a copy of the Nativity Story soundtrack album on December 6. It arrived here in Vancouver today. That’s right, it took 43 days to get here. I know there were two or three statutory holidays in that time, and the mail can be sluggish around that time of year, but still…Anyway, hearing Mychael Danna’s score for the first time since I last saw the film — and that was back in November… Read more

Just for the record, I have now seen the “Richard Donner cut” of Superman II, and, um, if I ever had any thought of buying that 14-disc “ultimate collector’s edition” of the Superman movie franchise, it has now pretty much passed from my mind.The basic story is still just as silly as it ever was, and some aspects of Donner’s film are even sillier than their counterparts in the other version of this film, which Richard Lester directed after he… Read more

I’ve been awfully busy lately, but I thought I’d give a heads-up to anyone in the Vancouver area who might be interested in Philip Gröning’s Die Große Stille (2005), AKA Into Great Silence. The film, a mostly silent documentation of the prayers, services and chores performed by the monks of the Grande Chartreuse monastery in the French Alps, is playing at the VanCity Theatre next week, but only on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights.FWIW, I watched this film on a… Read more

You may recall that, three months ago, I was rather critical of the trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Bridge to Terabithia. Turns out I wasn’t alone — but it also turns out the movie might be better than the trailer leads us to expect. A few days ago I interviewed Katherine Paterson, author of the Newbery-winning book on which the film is based, and we had this brief exchange:PTC: One of the first things I heard about the… Read more

Two weeks ago, I quoted a couple of news stories which said that the way to sell movies to the Christian market is to go after pastors, and to let their congregations follow along like cattle.Now, it looks like the studios are really going out of their way to curry the favour of these leaders, based on this e-mail that FoxFaith sent to Greg Linscott, a self-professed “Fundamentalist Baptist pastor” who runs are like no other art form. It… Read more

Another batch of quickies before I get back to work.1. William Shatner has apparently confirmed to Sci Fi Wire that Star Trek XI will be “based on young Kirk” and that he will have a part in it once the producers “figure out how to put the dead captain in with the young captain”. Oh, and Shatner just happens to be in the middle of co-writing two books on Kirk and Spock’s Academy days with Star Trek experts Judith and… Read more

Apocalypto continues to make waves and make news, now that it is moving into theatres in the region where it was set and shot. Variety reports that the locals aren’t too happy with it:Mel Gibson might be undergoing a rapid transformation from saint to sinner in the eyes of the Guatemalan people.Guatemala is an intensely religious country, and “The Passion of the Christ” was one of the most popular films in its history. The release was a phenomenon in a… Read more

Who needs the Golden Globes? The Vancouver Film Critics Circle announced the winners of its own awards tonight, at a reception and ceremony held at the Vancouver International Film Centre.I was a member of the Circle for its first few years, when there was nothing more to it than a bunch of critics sitting around a few tables at a pub or restaurant and passing around notes of paper; but tonight, for the second year in a row, the winners… Read more

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