In case anyone’s curious …

Box Office Mojo reports that Apocalypto was #1 yesterday with an estimated $4,950,000, and The Nativity Story was #8 with $1,450,000. Doesn’t look like the film has legs, does it? Read more

Never been to Ohio, but I’ve been quoted there!

The Repository in Canton, Ohio has a story up on Hollywood and the faith-based market, and a fair chunk of it quotes me. I had a lovely 43-minute chat with Charita M. Goshay, and it’s still vivid enough in my mind that I think I can remember how I said most of the bits that ended up in print. There are a few factual errors in the between-the-quotes bits, but the one thing I will single out is the reference… Read more

Newsbites: Koranic! Reaping! Sly! Gallup! Blood!

Time for a few more updates, methinks.1. Never mind Saint Mary — it looks like a Koranic interpretation of the life of Jesus, also produced in Iran, is also out there. Indeed, according to Matt Page, there might even be two such films.One, Son of Mary (1998), was described five years ago at this German website as “zeigt aus Leben Jesu aus der Sicht des Koran”, or as Matt translates it, as “showing the life Jesus from the view-point of… Read more

Apocalypto — the review’s up!

My review of Apocalypto is now up at CT Movies.At the end of the review, I write that “some people may find they cannot watch The Passion the way they used to.” I’ll give you a tiny for-instance. I have written at some length — especially in a chapter for Re-Viewing The Passion that was posted here — about the use of point-of-view shots and other techniques that Gibson used to take us into the “subjective” experience of Jesus. When… Read more

Review: Apocalypto (dir. Mel Gibson, 2006)

Say what you will about Mel Gibson, but there’s no denying the man knows how to use a camera — which is more than can be said for many other actors who have turned to directing. His skills as an auteur have become especially apparent over the course of his last two films, The Passion of The Christ and now Apocalypto, both of which feature mostly unknown actors speaking ancient languages; the absence of big stars and readily intelligible dialogue… Read more

Newsbites: Prodigal! Dreamgirls! Compass!

Time for a few more quirky little blurbs.1. Ready to see Jesus in a romantic comedy? Variety reports:Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment have made a deal for “Prodigal Son,” a romantic comedy that Gigi Levangie Grazer will write with Mimi James. Brian Grazer will produce.Story revolves around a workaholic single woman who is set up on a date by her mother. Her date, a handsome, kind and caring carpenter who works at Ikea, turns out to be Jesus Christ, who’s… Read more

Saint Mary — available in English and Farsi!

Thanks to the folks at for linking to my earlier post on Saint Mary, the Iranian TV-movie about the Virgin Mary — and for providing links to various sites where the film can be seen.I have no idea how “legitimate” any of those links are, but if your curiosity outweighs your concerns about copyright, click here to download a 114-minute, English-dubbed version of the film, and click here and here to watch a 110-minute version of the film in… Read more

World Trade Center — the Jesus files

I got a review copy of World Trade Center today, and I’ve only had time to check out a few of the extras, but — given my interest in Bible movies and the like — I thought it was worth noting that the featurette ‘Closing the Wounds’ pays special attention to the brief scene in which Will Jimeno (Michael Peña) sees Jesus.The featurette begins with this statement from Oliver Stone, which I can’t quite figure out because I’m not sure… Read more

It’s one of those days.

Six movies are opening in Vancouver tomorrow, and I’ve already seen all but one of them. That feels kind of nice.But there were two press screenings today, and I missed both of them — partly because I slept in, after the latest in a series of Very Late Nights, and partly because I just had too many errands.So I’ll have to “catch up” all over again in a week or two — or more, if today’s films were way-in-advance awards-season… Read more

And now, the fourth actor to play John Connor

The Hollywood Reporter says 19-year-old Thomas Dekker will play 15-year-old John Connor in the TV series The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I guess that makes about as much sense as 13-year-old Edward Furlong playing 10-year-old John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).FWIW, Dekker would be the first actor to play John Connor who was born after the original Terminator came out in 1984 — which makes sense, since his character was conceived in that movie.Still no word on when, exactly,… Read more