10 Reasons Jesus Would Never Win The American Evangelical Vote

It’s political season, have you noticed? (Seriously, kill me now.) As part of that political season, pundits like to crack numbers, explore potential paths to victory, and discuss voter blocks. One of those voter blocks is yuge– in fact, it’s hard to win the presidency without it: The Evangelical vote. I know this block well– [Read More…]

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Old Testament Law: The Accuser Christ Defeated on the Cross

This month we’ve been talking all things atonement as we prepare for Holy Week to arrive. So far we’ve deconstructed the Penal Substitution theory of the atonement on various grounds, and I have offered the suggestion that perhaps the Devil is the missing link (the agent of causation) within many atonement theories. Finally, I have suggested [Read More…]

Paradigm Shifts, Tearing Down the Temples, & Being Here: The Rob Bell Interview

Yesterday MPT and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Rob Bell for EP36 of That God Show. We covered a lot of ground, from his new book, How to be Here, to leaving Mars Hill, why he seems so happy these days, and wide-range of other topics. As Rob always does, he left [Read More…]

The One Word That Could Change Your View of the Atonement

We’ve spent the last few posts deconstructing aspects of the Penal Substitution theory of the atonement that so many of us grew up with (series archive, here). Today we turn away from the necessary deconstruction and begin reformulating a healthy view of the atonement. When I was doing my graduate work at Gordon-Conwell before going [Read More…]

If Jesus Had To Die Before We Could Be Forgiven, I Have A Few More Questions

Today we wrap up the deconstruction portion of my atonement series (you can find the rest, here) which thus far has looked at problems I see with the Penal Substitution theory of the atonement. In this final deconstruction post, I present the lingering questions Penal Substitution brings up in my mind. In our next post, I will [Read More…]

Blood Sacrifices? But God Didn’t Even Like Blood Sacrifices!

Continuing my series on theology of the atonement, we continue discussion of the issue of a blood sacrifice. The other day I noted that if God had demanded the blood sacrifice of a perfect, sinless human, he would not be all that different from Pagan deities who demanded blood to appease them. Many, of course, find [Read More…]

If God Needed A Blood Sacrifice For Sin, God Is Not Holy

I grew up on the Three Stooges. Saturday mornings on the farm my grandfather would take a rare break from work and often sit down to watch them with me, in what has become a fond memory of my grandfather. I’m sure by the time I hit puberty I had seen probably every stooges episode [Read More…]

3 Reasons To Question & Rethink Your Theology of the Cross (Atonement Series)

As we now turn a corner during the season of Lent, we begin to look towards the climactic end of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. Each year as we approach this season, I find myself rethinking the cross. Not whether or not it happened, but rethinking the significance. As the years have gone by and [Read More…]

Christianity Doesn’t Need More Cynics: It Needs More People Selling Hope

I might be wrong, but I think Christianity has a lot of cynics. Too many, perhaps. I believe that, because I am one of them and I notice there are a lot of people around the Internet who think like me. In fact, I make my living by writing books and blogs for them. Now, [Read More…]

A Better Understanding of the “Wrath of God”

For those of us who left a hell, fire, and brimstone Christianity, one of the critiques that gets levied at is us that we either ignore or downplay the wrath of God. To be honest, I think there’s some truth in that critique, and that it’s important for those of us here (wherever here is) [Read More…]