5 Reasons You Might Want To Stop Judging Others

Standing in judgement over other people is one of the most simultaneously natural and unnatural things we do in life. It is natural– or perhaps I should say, instinctive– because the desire to judge others goes back to the original sin described in the book of Genesis. It is unnatural all at the same time, as the ability to stand in judgement over others was the one thing God drew a boundary around and said, “do not eat from this… Read more

Declaring Independence from Violence on the 4th of July

When confronted with problems, the United States has a history of bold ideas, of path-finding people, of those willing to suffer for the sake of their children. We are “can-do” folks — and this July 4, it’s time to start another revolution. Historians tell us that more human beings were killed by other human beings in the 20th century than in all the proceeding centuries combined. The 21st century has not changed course. Financial instability across the world paired with… Read more

10 Things Donald Trump Might Not Realize About Becoming “Born-Again”

Donald Trump is a born again Christian– or so they say. And by they, I mean Focus on the Family’s Dr. James Dobson, who recently claimed that he had first-hand knowledge that Trump recently accepted Christ and that he was now a “baby Christian” in need of our prayers. Of course, this demonstrates the amazing timing of the Holy Spirit and the wondrous ways in which God works. I mean, to become a born-again Christian right at the very moment… Read more

Is Christian Universalism Compatible With Free Will? Justice? Hell?

As many know, I have long been a proponent of the view of Annihilationism, which is the view that instead of hell, those who refuse to accept God cease to exist. The other day I was honest about the fact that I am rethinking my position in favor of Universal Redemption, which is essentially Christian Universalism. While I have not completely crossed over yet, and thus would make a less than stellar apologist for the position, I do want to… Read more

The Orlando Massacre & The Ethical Dilemma for Conservative Christians

What happened in Orlando recently is certainly worthy of outrage and action. 49 people killed in cold blood, and many more lying in hospital beds wounded. Between the lives cut short, and the lives that will never be the same, Orlando should be a moment the nation does not soon forget. Certainly tragedies, natural disasters, and acts of terror have a way of bringing the nation together—and this is good. Finding solidarity and common ground wherever it exists should always… Read more

Confession: I Think I’m Becoming A Calvinist

It’s no secret- I’ve been a little hard on my Calvinist friends over the years (well, I only have 2 so there’s that). I’ve critiqued some of the crazy things their leaders have said. I’ve pointed out why some of their core beliefs are utterly offensive to me. What can I say? Calvin and I have a pretty contentious relationship, if you could really call it that. But for all my criticism of Calvinism, and my open distain for the… Read more

Why The Anti-Trafficking Movement Ignores The Voices Of Sex Workers

When I was part-way through doctoral work that included conducting extensive field-based research in the world of human trafficking, I had a small crisis: What I was learning and discovering did not line up with what I believed going into the study. I had a few experiences previously that initially triggered me to reconsider the trafficking narrative I began with. The first one was while riding in a taxi down the streets of Mumbai when a colleague told me she was… Read more

We Do It Better When We Do It Together: What I Learned In The Dominican Republic

I grew up in the United States, which means I grew up in an individualistic culture. Human cultures are oriented on certain frameworks, and one of them is a balance between collectivism (focusing on what’s good for the group) versus individualism (placing a higher value on the individual). This individualistic approach to seeing the world and one’s self becomes deeply ingrained within us, often going unnoticed until we see culture express itself in a different way. I was recently traveling… Read more

Franklin Graham Wants Bella Abzug To Speak Up For Women– But There’s Just One Problem

Franklin Graham, in his never-ending quest to define one of the largest religions in the world by minority extremists, is wondering why Bella Abzug is refusing to denounce “Islam’s treatment of women.” Yesterday he posted on Facebook in response to what I agree, is an outrageous proposal in Pakistan to allow wife-beating. The proposal was submitted by a leader of a Pakistani Islamic council, and while hardly indicative of Islam as a whole, it’s a disgusting proposal that the world should… Read more

Was Jesus A Pacifist?

I hear the claim, “Jesus wasn’t a pacifist!” a lot. But is it true? Was Jesus a pacifist, or not? What we know about Jesus comes to us from the four New Testament Gospel accounts, so that is where we must look for our answer—especially to those of us who would affirm the inspiration and authority of the Christian Scriptures. However, first the word pacifism: it’s a deceptive word, for sure. On the surface, many assume the word refers to… Read more

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