Sarah Palin Vs. Jars of Clay: The Case Of Misplaced Christian Outrage

American Christians: have you lost your minds?? Who is it that told you that you should freak out over someone’s political stance on civil gay marriage instead of Christian leaders who are advocating that we torture other bearers of the divine image of God? Did someone cast a spell on you? How is it that your righteous outrage got so misplaced? [Read more...]

Shot For Asking A Question: What We Can Learn From The Jars of Clay Fallout

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What can we learn from this? I think it’s clear: unwavering opposition to both civil and religious same sex marriage is now a hallmark of being Evangelical. No reasonable, middle ground (separation of church and state in the matter) will be allowed– and they are willing to fight a civil war to make this issue the foundation of American Evangelicalism. [Read more...]

The Evangelical Mess: Why American Evangelicalism Reminds Me Of My Kid’s Bedroom

My daughter is a completely normal child.

Which means, I’m not a major fan of how clean her bedroom is. The other day I took a picture of the mess and jokingly told her that if she didn’t clean it I’d post the picture on my blog. However, while we were kidding around about it, it struck me: the status of her bedroom right now sure does remind me a lot about the status of American Evangelicalism at the moment.

I am growing wearing about all things Evangelical, just like at times I grow weary when I open that closet door in her room. So, here are 5 reasons why American Evangelicalism reminds me of my kid’s bedroom: [Read more...]

If You Wouldn’t Ask It About A Boob Job, Don’t Ask It About Adoption

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As an adoptive parent, I’ve heard all the questions. We get it– you don’t mean to offend, but the questions are still rather off-putting and sometimes downright dehumanizing. “She’s not your real kid, is she?” “Wow, she must have been expensive” I’ve heard them all. I usually take the opportunity to re-educate the person asking [Read More...]

How To Completely Misuse The Bible In 5 Easy Steps


Yes, the Bible can be a complex set of documents to understand, and is easily misused. However, I think if we’ll be conscious of these 5 ways we too often unintentionally misuse and misread the scriptures, we’ll find ourselves on a trajectory that might be more exciting than anything we had previously anticipated. [Read more...]

It’s Never Too Late To Participate In A Resurrection


I knew a man of miserable existence. Self-centered and materialistic to the core, though it never did a good job of covering up chronic feelings of deep seeded inadequacy. Having traveled a bumpy road he was filled with dashed hopes, and too afraid to truly dream– because dreaming simply hurts too much for one who [Read More...]

Towards The Cross: The Importance of Last Words

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As I flip through a few chapters in the book of John, I feel the same way I do when I think about that last conversation with Gram. I soak in the words. I remember their importance. I draw them in close to my heart and hold onto them. [Read more...]

Birmingham Police Stop Pastor From Feeding Homeless

Birmingham, AL police are cracking down on pastors who feed the homeless. Keep it classy, Birmingham. [Read more...]

How To Be A Christian Without Being A Total $@#& About It.

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Let’s be honest: Christianity in America has an image crisis, and justifiably so. Somehow the most beautiful story ever told got diluted into a hybrid of culture and religion that people are finding less than appealing. Not for lack of a good narrative– even some of my atheist friends have privately conceded that as far [Read More...]

Here’s Your Chance To Win An Advanced Copy of Undiluted!

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Okay friends– last week we didn’t have the chance to play “Where in the World is Ben Corey” because of access to internet issues, but I still want to give you a chance to become an advanced reader of Undiluted. The book doesn’t come out until August, and to date there are probably less than [Read More...]