Why I’ll Always Be A God Believer (about the day I was going to die)

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What I’m about to tell you is the most personal, sacred story that I’ve ever told. I never imagined telling it publicly in front of thousands of people, but something in my spirit says that someone, somewhere, needs to hear this today. Over the last few days we’ve been talking a lot about God, creation, [Read More...]

Pat Robertson Says: “Corey and McGrath Are Right, and Ken Ham Is So Wrong It’s Not Even Funny”


“As much as it pains me to side with a couple of liberal heretics like Dr. James McGrath and Rev. Benjamin L. Corey, I have to admit that in this case, they’re completely right– the Young Earth Creationism espoused by Ken Ham is just plain ole’ silly. All you have to do is pick up a hand full of dirt, and you’ll see that it’s old.” [Read more...]

Genesis 1: It Doesn’t Have To Be True In Order To Still Be True


It’s easy to get lost in the debate over the interpretation of Genesis 1, so a good starting point in this general discussion is to realize that some of the Old Testament stories don’t have to be true in order to still be true. [Read more...]

Creationist Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy: Why I’m Forced To Root Against Creationism

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On February 4th, the Creation Museum will host a sold-out debate that’s generating a lot of buzz in the blogosphere. The debate will feature Bill Nye “The Science Guy” versus Answers in Genesis’ Ken Ham on the old “Creation Vs. Evolution” debate. This debate, and the buzz around it has generated a lot of mixed [Read More...]

5 “Secular” Songs I Wish We’d Sing In Church

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I grew up on old school church music– we sang hymns, and nothing else for most of my childhood.  I remember in high school some contemporary worship began to work itself in– not bands like we have today, but what we’d call “worship choruses” sung to a cassette tape (remember “Give Thanks?” that was pretty [Read More...]

Evangelical High School Drama (Yes, we need Mainline)


While I’ve banished myself from ever doing a search of my own name because of some of the nasty things I find said about me across the internet, I do occasionally appreciate some of the mentions sent to me by readers. Today someone sent a piece by Erik Parker at the Millennial Pastor, as he [Read More...]

On The Flip Side: Here’s What I’ll Always Love About Evangelicalism


The other day I published a piece (if you didn’t catch it, you can here) that was a reflection of my own inner journey with much of Evangelical culture. The piece personified my difficult, often painful, relationship with Evangelical Christianity in America, comparing it to a difficult interpersonal relationship. The piece seemed to resonate with [Read More...]

Dear Evangelicalism: I Don’t Think This Relationship Is Going To Work.


If evangelicalism were a person, here’s what I’d need to say: So, Evangelicalism… it’s me. I’m guessing this won’t come as a huge shock to you because our relationship has been strained for quite some time now, but I need to tell you: This relationship isn’t working for me anymore. I wish I could say [Read More...]

American Slavery, Marriage Equality, and the Wrath of God


Reflecting back on the movies I saw in 2013, the most powerful movie was hands down 12 Years A Slave. If you haven’t seen this movie, I hope you will as soon as it is out on DVD– this is one of those movies that will seriously disturb you, but for all the right reasons. [Read More...]

The God of Do-Overs (what New Years reminds me of)


At midnight tonight, we’ll usher in a new year– 2013 is over, and 2014 will begin. Whether 2013 was a good year for you, or a bad, new beginnings are on the doorstep. One of the things I love about New Years eve, is that it reminds me that God is a God of do-overs. [Read More...]