The Disgusting Hypocrisy of the Anti-Trans Bathroom Movement

So listen– I’ve been thinking about this whole movement to make peeing while trans illegal, and I have a few thoughts. The basic premise is this: Individuals who are transgender need to use the public restroom that corresponds to their actual gender (not their sex, which is different). They need to do this for their own safety, as if they were to enter the bathroom that corresponded to their sex instead of their gender, it would freak people out and… Read more

Things I’d Do Differently, If I Could Do Seminary Over Again

I have finished the race. After spending 8 years in seminary between Gordon-Conwell and Fuller Theological Seminary, last Friday I successfully defended my dissertation in Pasadena. Coming back in the room after the committee deliberated, and then being called “Dr. Corey” for the first time, was an emotional experience for me. It was a great feeling to know that my long journey is over. It was a terminal degree, so my chapter in life as a formal student is officially completed…. Read more

Please Stop Blaming Your Obnoxious Behavior On Jesus

When Jesus died on the cross, I believe he served as the ultimate scapegoat– exposing the evil within us by allowing us to pin it all on him. While being the scapegoat who shines a light on our own darkness was supposed to be a one-time-deal, 2000 years later I believe we’re still pinning a good deal of our bad behavior on Jesus. While we profess Jesus with our lips, we’re still using those lips to spit on him. We’re still… Read more

5 Serious Questions I Have For Christians Who Support Donald Trump

I used to consider myself a person of at least average intelligence, but I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the idea of Christians supporting Donald Trump, and I just can’t do it. I tried, but I have failed miserably. Instead, I’ve just found myself left with questions. So, here are 5 questions I have for Christians who support Donald Trump: 5. How are you able to support someone who is famous for unwholesome talk and constantly putting people down?… Read more

The Cross Is… (Philosophical Reflections on Calvary)

This is post 2 of 3 on philosophical reflections on the cross by pastor and philosopher, Jeff Cook … How we see the cross matters. Benjamin L. Corey here wrote, “the character of God we think we see on the cross becomes our foundation of understanding who God is.” Is the cross required to keep an enraged Father from unleashing his wrath on dysfunctional humanity? Is the cross a method of appeasing a blood thirsty deity? Is God unable to… Read more

God, The Cross, and the Problem of Evil (Jeff Cook)

 This is a first of three posts by pastor and philosopher, Jeff Cook, on philosophical reflections of the cross. … I have long believed that without pain, love is impossible. Real love requires sacrifice. The love I have for my boys is manifest in my persistent back pain from lifting them up over and again. I see it on hands covered in morning filth, a depleted bank account, and the recent massacre of my DVD collection (which we really shouldn’t… Read more

10 Reasons Jesus Would Never Win The American Evangelical Vote

It’s political season, have you noticed? (Seriously, kill me now.) As part of that political season, pundits like to crack numbers, explore potential paths to victory, and discuss voter blocks. One of those voter blocks is yuge– in fact, it’s hard to win the presidency without it: The Evangelical vote. I know this block well– I grew up in it. I was one of them. I still hold many of the same theological values they hold, and if it were… Read more

Old Testament Law: The Accuser Christ Defeated on the Cross

This month we’ve been talking all things atonement as we prepare for Holy Week to arrive. So far we’ve deconstructed the Penal Substitution theory of the atonement on various grounds, and I have offered the suggestion that perhaps the Devil is the missing link (the agent of causation) within many atonement theories. Finally, I have suggested that the cross is best viewed from 50,000 feet where one can see an ancient battle between a benevolent God, and forces of evil. While… Read more

Paradigm Shifts, Tearing Down the Temples, & Being Here: The Rob Bell Interview

Yesterday MPT and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Rob Bell for EP36 of That God Show. We covered a lot of ground, from his new book, How to be Here, to leaving Mars Hill, why he seems so happy these days, and wide-range of other topics. As Rob always does, he left us with a lot to think about and digest. Since I primarily write for people who have undergone, or are in the process of experiencing… Read more

The One Word That Could Change Your View of the Atonement

We’ve spent the last few posts deconstructing aspects of the Penal Substitution theory of the atonement that so many of us grew up with (series archive, here). Today we turn away from the necessary deconstruction and begin reformulating a healthy view of the atonement. When I was doing my graduate work at Gordon-Conwell before going to Fuller for my doctorate, I had the opportunity to study atonement theology– an encounter for which I will always be grateful. I entered those… Read more

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