Science: The Universe Has Always Existed (Really Bad News for Young Earth Creationism)

A fascinating new scientific theory about the beginning of the universe is now floating around: it’s not billions of years old after all. The new idea? The universe has eternally existed, and has no beginning. Until now the dominant scientific view is that, somewhere around 13 billion years ago, there was a single point which exploded (AKA, the “Big Bang”). This explosive moment marked the beginning of the universe– everything that exists was born from a single point they call the “singularity.” However,… Read more

Disrupted Rhythm: The Spiritual Danger of the American Political Season

How much of the news we watch is recycled coverage on the election? Is your Facebook newsfeed overrun with Trump this or Hillary that? I don’t know about you, but lately it seems like all the days have blurred together to the point where I can’t even remember the last time I wasn’t swimming in a sea of presidential election coverage. Certainly I’ve participated in some of that, and I think it’s important for Christians to be prophetic voices within culture. I’ve… Read more

Losing My Religion And Finding My Voice (From Cult To Coach)

(A guest post by Tracy Corey) Raised in a cult I heard, sensed, and observed things that just didn’t add up to me. My childhood was spent swimming in a sea of weirdness and abuse, smothered in Jesus language. Church leaders seemed to find a demon under every rock, or in every person if you didn’t conform perfectly. The leaders of the church personally came to families on Sundays to collect their tithes and mark them off the list, and they’d even show… Read more

Please Stop Being Dishonest: Guns Are Not “Just Tools”

There is a discussion to be had on America and guns. I think the average person gets this– I mean, it’s pretty hard not to. We have a proliferation of guns and near-daily acts of unspeakable death and violence committed with many of those guns. It seems only reasonable that we, as a nation, talk about common sense steps towards reducing all this violence. And, since this violence is typically committed with legally purchased guns, it’s also reasonable that we… Read more

Dear Christian Parent: Please Don’t Try To Break Their Will

Christian parent, please don’t try to break your child’s will. If you do, you might actually succeed, and the long-term outcome of that could be a disaster– the very thing you’re trying to avoid. I get it– you want a well-behaved child who makes good choices. We all do! But this dangerous idea that achieving the best for our children involves “breaking their will?” Yeah, that’s a dangerous idea. In fact, it’s one of those ideas where if you’re successful,… Read more

God Never Changes, But God Is Constantly Changing (It’s The Paradox of Love)

I’m sure over the course of time as a Christian you’ve heard the phrase, “but God never changes.” A variation of this phrase is repeated several times in Scripture (See for example, Mal 3:6, Heb 13:8, James 1:17). However, it is my contention that we often do not actually understand what this phrase means. At times we unintentionally misapply the concept to soothe tension in the Bible. Other times, we say “but God never changes” as a way to win a theological… Read more

5 Reasons We So Blindly Support Israel in Spite of the Truth or Biblical Ethics

Over the course of time I’ve noticed a troubling trend: it’s *almost* impossible to have a reasonable discussion with fellow Christians who believe we are called to give unwavering support the modern secular nation state of Israel. This of course, has led me to try to figure out why this is the case. Why do so many Christians reject basic facts about Israel? Why do so many of us have an aversion to believing truth on this issue? As your… Read more

Some Serious Questions I Have For All Those “Good Guys With Guns”

So, you’re a good guy with a gun. I get it. I’ve seen the bumper sticker, heard the slogan a million times, and I even used to be one of you. I’m retired military, was an expert marksman, and was even awarded the Bronze Schützenschnur by the German army. I was a bonafide good guy with a gun for most of my adult life thus far. But even in my most pro-gun days, the entire American motif of a good guy… Read more

Bernie Isn’t Really That Radical (His Ideas Are Actually Quite Normal)

I don’t endorse political candidates, and this piece is not an endorsement. However, as someone fascinated by culture (in less than 6 weeks I will *finally* be a Doctor of Intercultural Studies!), I can’t help but comment on the phenomenon of Bernie Sanders in American culture. Some people love him, and others appear outright frightened by his ideas. I think what most interests me however, is the misconception that Bernie Sanders and his ideas are somehow radical or extreme. Perhaps they were… Read more

No, The Super Bowl Isn’t The Largest Sex Trafficking Event In The World

Perhaps you’ve seen it in your newsfeed this year or in a year past. Regardless of who published it, the article is likely to have a shocking headline similar to: “Super Bowl is Largest Human Trafficking Event”, or something to that effect. However, that claim is completely untrue. During my last 4 years of doctoral research, I’ve split my time between studying a theology of shalom, social movement theory, and human trafficking in the United States– topics I blended together in my… Read more

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