In our ongoing series, What Franklin Graham Is Wrong About Today (a series with never-ending fodder), we find ourselves going back to the traditional fundamentalist playbook: Blaming a woman for being violated. A few years ago Princess Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, was sunbathing at private villa in France and she happened to be topless. She was away from the public eye and enjoying her privacy when she was violated. Without her permission a member of the paparazzi took photos of… Read more

Is being gay a sin that you can simply repent from by becoming a Christian? Does asking Jesus into your heart make the gay go away? That seems to be the sentiment being expressed by Republican Policy Lobbyist, Franklin Graham, who is on an anti-gay binge on his Facebook right now. (For those unfamiliar, Franklin is the very dissimilar successor to his father, Billy Graham, who has been a life-long democrat deeply skeptical of the marriage between religion and right-wing politics.)… Read more

Does being a good and faithful Christian result in good health, along life, having an abundance of possessions, and material wealth? Read more

Church isn’t something you do on Sundays– it was supposed to be far more beautiful than that. Read more

Christian universalism is a solidly biblical and reasonable belief. Read more

Is the Calvinist doctrine of limited atonement even biblical? Read more

5. At least become willing to delay your plan. If you’ve gone far enough in your process that you’ve actually developed a general or specific plan or intent to follow through on suicide, try to become willing temporarily delay acting on it– even if it’s just an internal commitment to not do it over the next 24, 48, or however many hours. Make this promise to yourself. Give yourself a fighting chance to at least think this decision through with… Read more

Last night many of us went to bed hearing the news that the United States has more formally entered the ongoing conflict in Syria by unleashing nearly 60 missiles onto a Syrian airbase. While the use of chemical weapons against their own citizens was surely a crime against humanity that warrants action by all nations, as the people of Jesus we must resist the temptation to endorse, embrace, or celebrate the use of war and death in an attempt to address… Read more

Growing up evangelical, you’ve probably heard this answer to the question, “Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?” “Well, Johnny or Susie, it’s because God can’t be in the presence of sin.” They will often go on to explain how sin is so intolerable to God, that he can’t be anywhere near it. To be able to pull close to God, somehow we must be completely free and cleansed of sin first. It’s also why we’re often told that… Read more

If penal substitution is true, God is not unlike other ancient, blood-thirsty god. In church we often sing worship songs with themes and phrases that say, “there is none like you!” I believe those songs are beautiful, because it’s true– there is no God like our God. But if penal substitution is true, God isn’t unique at all– God would be just like every other ancient god who had a thirst for blood. I mean, how is a god who… Read more

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